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Science Policy

The aims of teaching science at Thrumpton Primary School are consistent with our school philosophy and take account of the Nottinghamshire Curriculum Policy Document and the National Curriculum Non-Statutory Guidance for science.
The aims of science are:
·      To enable children to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world they live in, through investigation of that world
·      To have the opportunity to take control and to pursue their own questions through practical and meaningful investigations.
·      To provide a science curriculum which is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated
·      To fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum for science
·      To ensure the progressive development of scientific concepts, knowledge, skills and attitudes
·      Enable children to work scientifically in a range of appropriate contexts using a wide variety of materials and equipment
·      To promote positive attitudes towards, and enthusiasm for, science work in school
·      To encourage and empower children to be creative in themselves.

Science Week 2017

Science Week 2017 1
Science Week 2017 2
Science Week 2017 3
Science Week 2017 4
Science Week 2017 5
Science Week 2017 6
Science Week 2017 7
Science Week 2017 8

Y1's science week presentation

Y3's science week presentation

Y6's science week presentation

We had a fantastic science week this year where each class focused on biscuits and explored investigations about them. We then presented our investigations to the school in assembly. 

Mad Science After school Club

Mad Science After school Club 1
Mad Science After school Club 2
Mad Science After school Club 3
Mad Science After school Club 4
Mad Science After school Club 5
Mad Science After school Club 6