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Harvey - Y6


I am Harvey. I enjoy playing football and rugby. I wanted to be on the school council

because I want to make a difference for the school. 


Dexter - Y6


My name is Dexter. I enjoy helping other people. I like to be kind and helpful

and I am also a good listener. I would like to hear your new ideas.


Chelsea - Y5


My name is Chelsea. My hobbies are dancing and singing. I feel I am a nice and

approachable person - I wanted to be on the school council because I wanted

children at Thrumpton to be resilient, positive and believe in themselves! 


Courtney - Y5


My name is Courtney and I am glad to be part of the school council team. My

favourite colour is red because my favourite football team is Liverpool. I like doing jobs

and helping out with people. I enjoy playing football and playing with my friends.


Ihzaan - Y4


I am Ihzaan of Year 4 and my hobbies are cricket, football and swimming. I believe that if I work

hard and do my best no one can blame me including myself. My dream is to be truthful and give

out the best to my friends and all around me. 


Evie - Y4


I am Evie in Year 4 and I like dancing, swimming and gymnastics. I wanted to

be on the school council because I like helping others when they are stuck. 


Callum - Y3


My name is Callum and in school council we go and ask our classes questions and

sometimes we vote so we know if things need to change. I like Science, Art, PE and cricket.


Libby - Y3


Hello my name is Libby. I wanted to be a school councillor because I

want to help people when they need it and to help things that need improving

in school. I like PE, Art and football at school.


Akshana - Y2


I am Akshana - I like going to the funfair and I love going on holiday to Germany

to see my Grandma and Grandpa and my 4 sisters. I wanted to be on the school

council because I like listening to people and bringing it to the school council meetings.


Zach - Y2


I am Zach and I like playing football - I go to 2 football clubs (Babworth and Retford).

I wanted to be on the school council because I would like to help people.


Isobelle - Y1


My name is Isobelle - I like gymnastics and swimming (and I am now in the middle pool!)

I wanted to be on the school council because I am helpful. 


Max - Y1


I am Max - I like swimming, going on holiday and playing football. I wanted to be

on the school council because I want to make things better.

Working in partnership to make a

difference in our school.



School Council is a highly valued part of Thrumpton Primary School. The children on our school council are selected by the pupils for the pupils.
We have a valued team of 12 pupils from Year 1 through to Year 6. They are responsible for many decisions that are made in school. Recently they have been directly involved in decisions made regarding our rewards system in school and our school teams.
We truly value our pupils’ opinions and the school council is our ‘pupil voice’.
School Council 2015- 2016 SUCCESSES!
  • We now have referees trained to run football at playtimes. 
  • Children thought that the Top Scorers on Mathletics should be rewarded. A Top 10 weekly league has been started. Anybody in the top 10 at the end of the school year will be awarded a prize.
  • Children wanted more team events in school. The following events were organised last academic year: Balloon release, Art Competition, Parent quiz, Rounders game, Football tournament and Sports Day.
  • Children felt that football at playtimes needed to improve. Referees are going to be trained to take charge of football at playtimes. Everybody playing football at playtimes must sign and follow the 'Football At Playtime Contract'.
  • Children felt that we needed more school team events in school. The school teams have been reorganised. Staff have been assigned to teams and more team events are planned for the year.
  • Children felt that children who are always good should be recognised. Children who are always 'on green' will be rewarded with special treat afternoons and anybody who has remained 'on green' all year will go on a special trip!
  • Children asked for the fence around our school garden to be removed so that they could see what was growing. Mrs Keeling & Mr Peel worked very hard to improve our school garden and the fence has been moved back to open up the garden.
  • Children asked for markings on the field. The field has now been marked with lanes for sports day, a rounders pitch and football pitch.


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