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Transition Week and Class Teachers in September 2016

We are quickly moving towards the end of the academic year and preparations for next year are underway.
We are delighted to welcome Mrs Crampton, a very experienced teacher who will be joining us in September. Decisions regarding classes have been made taking into account a wide range of factors and are as follows:
Foundation 1: Miss Birkinshaw (will be Mrs Heggie in September!)
Foundation 2: Mrs Bell (3 days), Mrs Ardren (2 days)
Year 1: Mrs Bray
Year 2: Mrs Johnson
Year 3: Mrs Crampton
Year 4: Mrs Blacknell (Mrs Spacey on Wednesdays)
Year 5: Mrs Camish
Year 6: Mrs Hurley
As you will notice, some of the children will have the same class teacher next year meaning teachers can ‘hit the ground running’ as they already know pupils in their class very well and no time will be wasted getting to know them.

We do feel that it will be important for children to feel that they are ‘moving up’ and teachers will therefore be moving classrooms.
Children will be spending time in their new classes next week as part of transition week. Parents of children in Foundation will already have been notified of arrangements. For F2 to Y5 pupils, they will start in their regular class, as normal, on Wednesday and will swap at lunchtime to their new classrooms, leaving from these at the end of the day. They need to arrive via their new classroom doors on Thursday and Friday and will return to finish the week in their current class on Friday afternoon.
If you have any queries or questions regarding these arrangements, please speak to your child’s class teacher.
End of year reports will be sent out to parents on Monday 11th July. You are very welcome to make arrangements directly with the class teacher if you also wish to speak with them regarding progress or other concerns. We will then arrange meetings with teachers, as usual in the Autumn Term.
We are looking forward to a busy, but exciting, end of year.
Thank you for your support