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Mrs Johnson

Welcome to Class 3

Our teacher is Mrs Johnson.

Mrs Fogg, Mrs Hill and Mrs Manning will also be helping in our class this term.


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Important Dates

Monday 7th January - Back to School

Friday 8th March - International Women's Day



Important Information
Your child will need their reading books and Home/School Contact Book in school every day.

Homework/spelling books will need to be handed in on a Thursday each week.
PE kit will be required on a Wednesday (indoor kit please ) and trainers will need to remain in school all week for the children to change into each day for the Daily Mile.

The children will be learning to play the recorder with Mrs Roberts and will be given their own recorder to bring home so that they can practise. Please make sure that once they have this, they bring it to school with them on a Wednesday
Water bottles will be sent home every Friday in order for them to be cleaned and will need to be returned to school on a Monday morning. Please remember to return these as it is important that children have regular access to a drink (especially as the weather hopefully warms up).




Helping your child to complete their homework is an important way for you to know what they are learning about in school. The children should be becoming more independent with this now that they are in KS2; however some homework may still require your support.

Homework will be given out on a Friday. Children can hand their homework in once it is completed. Spellings will be checked weekly.



This will alternate between the children having time to focus on their times tables and completing something linked to what they have been learning in class. This will either be a game on Mathletics, or an activity or game that your child can play at home with you or a problem solving activity that your child can complete independently.

If your child is unable to access Mathletics at home, they can do so before school on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning from 8.30am. 


Year 4 Times Tables Checks 2020

From the 2019 to 2020 academic year onwards, schools in England will be required to administer an online multiplication tables check (MTC) to year 4 pupils. This means that the current Year 3 cohort will be the first children to sit this. We will provide you with more information as it becomes available. For now, maths targets will focus around times tables. Please spend some time each week working on these with your child as they will be checked regularly in school and new targets set as regularly as they need to be. 

Please click on the below link for more information on this. 


Useful websites for times tables




Children will receive a spelling list linked to the spelling rule/common exception words that we have been focusing on in class that week. Spellings will be checked towards the end of each week and new spellings set. Please support your child to learn their spellings using strategies such as Look, Cover, Write, Check. 


Useful websites for spelling



 Our reading this term will be based around the text 'My Brother is a Superhero' by David Solomon. We will be reading exerts from this and working on the reciprocal reading skills of clarifying, summarising, predicting and questioning 2-3 times a week, as a whole class and in small groups. In addition to this, some children will continue to take part in small group guided reading sessions throughout the week and individual reading will take place where possible, particularly for any children who would really benefit from this to help them to progress with their reading. 


The majority of the class will have an Accelerated Reader book as their individual reading book. Each half term, the children will complete a quiz that will determine the level book that is appropriate for them to be reading. They will bring this book home to read with you and will also be given the opportunity to read it in school both independently and with an adult, where possible. Once your child has read their book, they will have the opportunity to complete a comprehension quiz related to this during school time (this can only be accessed in school) which will earn them points towards receiving an Accelerated Reader certificate. Children should aim for 85% in their quiz in order to move onto more challenging texts.

The children will have the opportunity to visit the school library once a fortnight where they can choose a fiction, non-fiction or poetry book to share with you at home. This may be above their level of understanding; therefore you might decide to read it to them. 


This term our will be based around the book...

My Brother is a Superhero

by David Solomons



Click here to access the optional topic homework for this term

Topic Knowledge Organiser

This is what we plan to cover across the curriculum!



Narrative - Adventure Stories

Character/setting descriptions

newspaper reports



Books/films to enjoy -


Handwriting –

Use the diagonal and horizontal strokes that are needed to join letters and understand which letters, when adjacent to one another, are best left unjoined.

Increase the legibility, consistency and quality of their handwriting.

Spelling –

Adding the suffix -ly

Adding the suffix -ous

Words ending in -ture


Adding –ation to verbs to form nouns

Words with the c sound spelt ch

Words with the sh sound spelt ch

The short sound I spelt y

Adding the suffix -ion

Adding the suffix -ian

Adding the prefix re-


Grammar -




Inverted commas to punctuate direct speech

Nouns and pronouns

Fronted adverbials

Possessive apostrophes

Commas to mark subordinate clauses.

Accurate spelling is a key part of the Year 3 curriculum; therefore it is vital that the children practise and learn by heart any spellings and spelling rules that are sent home this year in their Read Write Inc. spelling books. 




Number – Multiplication and Division


Statistics – bar charts and pictograms

Measurement – length and perimeter






Forces and Magnets


Art/Craft and Design Technology


                                      Can you name some famous comic strip artists?

                                          Can you experiment with various pencils?

                                       Can you draw an object by observing it closely?

                                    Can you draw both the positive and negative shapes?

                                Can you make initial sketches as a preparation for painting?

                                            Can you create accurate drawings of people?










Can you name some natural disasters (meteor strike, volcanic eruption, earthquake etc)

Can you explain how an earthquake is caused?

Can you explain what tectonic plates are?

Can you explain what happens when a volcano erupts?

Can you label the parts of a volcano?

Can you name some famous volcanoes (Mount Etna, Vesuvius)?

Can you name and discuss some well - known natural disasters in recent times (Haiti 2010, Fukushima 2011)?

Can you name some real life heroes who have changed the world (Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Frederick Douglass, Viv Anderson)?

Can you explain why they are famous and what makes them a hero?





Exciting Escape (Joseph, Moses and Pesach)

Detectives - Investigating Jesus




  • Drawing and Desktop Publishing
  • Presentation Skills

                                              Can you order and group objects?

                       Can you move, resize and arrange text boxes and images effectively?

                                    Can you create a hyperlink to another slide?

                                              Can you use slide transitions?

                                          Can you insert audio and video files?

                                            Can you record audio onto a slide?

                                             Can you plan a branching story?

                                         Can you create simple slide templates?

                                    Can you copy and organise slides, as required?















We will be learning to play the recorder with Mrs Roberts!!!!!!

                                Listening and Appraising - Superhero theme tunes


                                          Learn to sing songs linked to topic

                        Can you play your recorder by yourself and as part of a group?

                               Can you record sounds with increasing aural memory?

                    Can you improvise and compose music based on superhero theme tunes?

                                        Can you record simple musical notation?







Dreams and Goals

Healthy Me

Real life heroes

Our heroes


Parents / Community


Superhero Day - Date TBC

Parent Workshop –  Date TBC

Lower KS2 Easter Production - Date TBC



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Our 'Awesome' trip to 'Awesome Walls'!

Our 'Awesome' trip to 'Awesome Walls'! 1