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Mrs Hearn

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Welcome to Class 1

Our teacher is Mrs Hearn.

Mrs Fogg will also be helping in our class this year.

Year 1

Year 1 1

Class 1 have been creating Autumn pictures from fallen leaves.

Class 1 have been creating Autumn pictures from fallen leaves. 1

A big thank you to the parent helpers for helping with the junk model space rockets. The children had a fantastic time.

A big thank you to the parent helpers for helping with the junk model space rockets.  The children had a fantastic time. 1

Important Dates

5th September - Return to school for the first day of Autumn Term

29th September - INSET Day - School closed for pupils

21st-29th - October Half Term

11th December - INSET Day - School closed for pupils

23rd December - 7th January - Christmas Holidays School closed 

Important Information
Your child will need their reading books and Read Write Inc. book in school every day.
PE kit will be required on a Monday (outdoor kit please).
Water bottle will be sent home every Friday in order for them to be cleaned and will need to be returned to school on a Monday morning. Please remember to return these as it is important that children have regular access to a drink.


Homework will be given out every Thursday and due back to school by the following Wednesday.


This term our topic is...

Why was Neil Armstrong very brave?

We will be exploring the following questions:

What is in Space?

How could you get to Space?

Who has been to Space?

What else is out there?


This is what we will be learning across the curriculum!


The Owl who is afraid of the dark

Whatever Next!



Texts and Genres


Poetry, glossaries, newspaper report, letters and narrative






Compound words



Adverbs and verbs

Subordination and co-ordination

Past tense

Commas to separate items in a list

Accurate spelling is a key part of the Key Stage 1 curriculum; therefore it is vital that the children practise and learn by heart any spellings and spelling rules that are sent home this year in their Read Write Inc. spelling books. 


We will be learning to join our handwriting.






Reading and writing numbers in digits and words

Counting in 2’s 5'sand 10’s

Place Value

Addition & Subtraction

Measures, length and weight

Geometry 2D and 3D sahpe




Seasons - looking at the changes

Light - natural and man-made light sources








Identify seasons and their changes

Look at weather patterns


Art/Craft and Design Technology


Art and Design DT

Vince Van Gogh - Starry Night


Space rocket models

Split-pin Space-man

Developing cutting, sticking, joining,

folding and fastening skills.

Creating art using a wash technique and develop painting skills





Belonging in families

Caring in families

Belonging in schools

Belonging in the community, intro Christianity and other faiths

Belonging to a Christian family

Introduction Infant baptism

Jesus' baptism




Create a series of instructions

Use technology safely




Use voices to speak, sing and chant

Use instruments to perform.

Clap a short rhythmic pattern



5 R’s



With help from my teacher, review my own work and identify

 what I’ve done well.

With help I can suggest how to improve my work.

With help I review my own work and identify what I’ve done well.


I am beginning to change my behaviour to suit different roles

and situations.

I recognise feelings and behaviour of others.


I keep going with an activity for the pleasure it provides and

sometimes for a reward.

I recognise my achievements in some areas.


I answer relevant questions about why things happen and how

things work.

I have imaginative ideas.

Risk Taking

I’m prepared to put forward my ideas or answers in a small group.

I try to remain patient if solutions are not readily at hand.


Parents / Community



Parent workshop - making rockets