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Welcome to Class 1

People who help us in Class 1 are
Mrs Bray and Miss Ducksbury



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Important Dates


Wednesday 14th November trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Friday 16th November - Photo Day

Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park 1
Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park 2
Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park 3

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Please see the links below for our knowledge organisers for the term - these are 'go-to' documents outlining the essential knowledge that will be covered.

Here is a link to this term's Homework Topic Menu:

Autumn Term


Where would you prefer to live- England or Kenya?

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Speaking and Listening

I can ask questions to get more information and clarify meaning.

I can talk in complete sentences.

I can take turns when talking in pairs or a small group.

I can retell a story using narrative language and linking words and phrases.

I can hold the attention of people I am speaking to by adapting the way I talk.

I can perform a simple poem from memory.








Activating prior knowledge

Skim and Scan



I can spell words containing each of the 40+ phonemes already taught.

I can spell year 1 common exception words.

I can spell the days of the week.

I can name letters of the alphabet in order.

I can add s or es for plurals.

I can add ing and ed prefix to words.


I can sit correctly at a table, holding my pencil correctly.

I am beginning to form lower case letters in the correct direction, starting and finishing in the correct places.

I am beginning to understand which families letters belong to.


I can say out loud what I am going to write about.

I can compose a sentence orally before writing it.

I can sequence several sentences to form a short narrative.

I am beginning to re-read my sentence to check it makes sense.

I can discuss what I have written with my teacher.

I can read my work out loud clearly.

Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation

I can leave spaces between words.

I can join words and clauses using ‘and’.

I am beginning to punctuate my sentences with .?!

I use capital letters for names of people, places, the days of the week and the personal pronoun ‘I’.


Key Texts

Giraffes Can’t Dance – Giles Andreae

Greedy Zebra - Mwenye Hadithi and Adrienne Kennawa

A First Book of Animals – Nicola Davies



Writing Stimulus:

Write to Inform

Non-fiction: Information about African species

Recount: YWP trip.

Instructions: Journeys around YWP


Write to Entertain

Narrative: A new adventure for Anna Hibiscus!

Rhyming Poetry: Rumble in the Jungle

Postcards: Write a postcard back home from your Safari adventure (continuous provision).

Character Descriptions


Write to Persuade

Poster: Jungle Dance!

Note: to Gerald to cheer him up with positive comments



We will be following the White Rose Maths scheme:

Week 1-4 Number: Place Value (Numbers to 10)

Week 5-8 Calculations: Addition and Subtraction (Numbers to 10)

Week 9 Shape

Week 10-11 Number: Place Value (Numbers to 20)

Week 12-13 Consolidation and Reasoning ASSESSMENT

Week 14-15 Calculations: Addition and Subtraction (Numbers to 20)




Seasons –Autumn/Winter

I can itypes of weather, vocab and simple symbols.

I can talk about changes outside. Seasonal walks, collect, draw and photograph changes.

I can take photos of special tree.

Habitats – Feed birds

I know what a bug home is and about hibernation.

Plants – observe autumnal plants, fruits etc.

I can kick leaves and use my senses to explore.

I can explore harvest, gather veg and fruits make soup or crumble.

I have planted spring bulbs.

Topic Related

What animals live in Kenya?

What are their babies/offspring called?

What do animals eat? Are they carnivore, herbivore or omnivore?

What similarities and differences do the different animals have?

What do all living creatures do/need in simple terms?


A locator map of KenyaA map of Kenya class=


What are the world’s seven continents and five oceans and can you locate them on a map?

 Can you locate Kenya on a map of Africa?

What is Kenya’s capital city?

What are the two main rivers called in Kenya?

What are the five other East African countries that border Kenya?

 Can you recognise the Kenyan flag and explain what each colour represents?

 What are the similarities and differences between Kenya and England?

Can you give some interesting facts about the great migration?




What do you know about music in Africa?

Can you name some traditional African instruments?

Can you learn an African song off by heart?




Ball Skills and Team Games

I can explore simple skills.

I can copy, remember, repeat and explore simple actions.

I understand how to exercise safely.

I can work as part of a team.

I can attack and defend in a game.

I can hit a ball with a racket.

I can keep a ball up in the air.

I can hold a tennis racket correctly and controllable.

I can play simple games with a partner.




Use a keyboard to enter and edit text.

Explore a digital text.

Use an art package on a digital device to create an image.

Select purposefully and use a variety of tools on an art package.


E – Safety

Know the SMART rules.

Know what to do if they view content which is inappropriate or upsetting.

Identify some risks presented by new technologies inside and outside of school.

Learn to respect the work of others that is stored on a shared drive of a network or presented online.


Design Technology

I can design and make an African instrument.

What will your instrument sound like?

Thinking about traditional African colours and patterns, what will your design look like?

What materials are best used to make your instrument, why did you choose that?

I can design and make an African collar necklace.

Which pattern draws your attention the most?

What patterns and colours will you include in your necklace?

Does your necklace resemble the patterns made in African culture?



Art & Design

African Animals Sunset Art

What happens when you mix primary colours together?

Can you create a silhouette with a wash technique?


African Masks

What features does your African mask need to have?

Do you know the three primary colours?

Can you describe what happens when you add white or black?

Links to Mix It Up – Herve Tullet


Observational Drawings

Can you use drawings to record observations of your African instruments?

Try and think about pattern, texture, lines, shape, form and space in your drawings.


To learn about the artistic technique of pointillism and its influence on African art.





To know and understand:

belonging in families, schools, communities, including Christian communities and Christian symbols.

 christenings/ baptisms, believer’s baptisms and their relationships to Jesus’ baptism.

To express Ideas and Insights about:

caring and belonging within a group.

friendships, good ways of behaving, and saying sorry.

Gaining and Deploying skills:

talking about ways of belonging, relationships.

investigating ways people and animals in families or groups can co-operate together for harmonious relationships.

                                                                            Diwali & Christmas                                                                     

To know and understand:

the celebration of the festival of Diwali and Hindu people.

Jesus’ birth, including the gifts given at his birth.

To express ideas and insights about;

special, important people in their lives

ways in which they can ‘give’ to others.

To gain and deploy skills in:

talking thoughtfully about special people in their lives, writing feelings words about Christmas and reflecting about giving at Christmas.


6 R’s


With help from my teacher, review my own work and identify what I’ve done well.


I give constructive support to others.

I listen to other people.


I carry out activities when asked.

I keep focused on a task that interests me.


I explore and experiment with resources and materials.

I ask why.

I discover some connections through play and experimentation.

Risk Taking

I think about risks and try not to let this put me off having a go.

I know that it is not a bad thing to get a wrong answer.


I can explain what I have done.

I can explain why I have done it.

Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).