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Welcome to Year 5’s class page!


Our topic for the Summer term is based on the fantastic novel by Philip Ridley: ‘Scribbleboy’


Watch this space to find out more about what is happening in Year 5!



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Important dates for this half term:


Friday 8th June – FOTPA Dad’s Breakfast

W/B 11th June – My Money Week

Wednesday 13th June – School Photos

Friday 15th June – Father’s Day Event

W/B 18th June – Safety Week

W/B 25th June – Sports Week

W/B 2nd July – Transition Week

Thursday 12th July – DALP Games

Friday 13th July – 100% Attenders Event

Wednesday 18th July – Always Green Treat



To be organised in Year 5 you will need:


  • Your reading book and home/school contact book in school everyday.
  • Homework book to be brought back into school on a Wednesday each week. 


(Homework in Year 5 consists of a maths consolidation activity as well as a spelling task sheet, it is set on a Thursday and due back into school the following Wednesday. In addition all children in Year 5 are expected to read a minimum of 3 times per week, each entry must be logged in your home/school contact book with an adult signature.)




Spring Term

Sport Relief Mile


In P.E. as part of our warm up, we took part in the mile for Sport Relief, this was a total of 8 laps around our school field! Here is a photo of us celebrating! 

In the summer, our school is very excited to be taking part in the daily mile challenge, we can't wait to get our fitness levels up, we will all soon be sprinting around the field! 


World Book Day




Recently we took part in the online 'Body Coach' live workouts, with Joe Wicks. We all really enjoyed taking part and were extra excited when our school managed to get a 'shoutout' from Joe himself!




In science we planned and carried out an experiment to test the velocity of different liquids, we were very surprised how slowly paint travelled!


Here are some photos of us carrying out the experiment.



Art and Eating!


In art we have been studying 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' by Katsushika Hokusai. We used our inference skills to unpick the image, then used the iPads to find out exact details.


Did you know the mountain in the centre of the painting is Japan's highest mountain: Mount Fuji? 

After studying the picture in detail, we then began to draw and paint our own artistic interpretation of the painting. 


It was quite hungry work and seen as it was Shrove Tuesday, we managed to squeeze in eating a pancake whilst painting!





Year 5 celebrate Chinese New Year


In Year 5 we really enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year. We learnt that the Chinese zodiac calendar follows a 12 year cycle and each year is named after an animal, 2018 is the year of the dog.


We celebrated in Year 5 by having our own Chinese banquet! 





Picture 1

Curriculum Overview Autumn 2017

Mayan Homework Menu

We have researched our birthday glyphs for the Mayan calendar and recreated them in clay.

We have researched our birthday glyphs for the Mayan calendar and recreated them in clay. 1

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In year 5, the children will be given homework every week; This will be either Maths, English or Science.

Spellings are essential so it is an expectation that your child regularly practices their individual spelling list in preparation for their weekly spelling tests.


A topic homework menu will be sent home at the start of each term. Children can opt to complete these as additional homework in order to gain 5 extra team points.










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We also expect that your child reads at every opportunity. 

If you would like to support your child's reading at home, you could:

- discuss key characters and settings

- make a list of unfamiliar words and their meanings

- discuss the book with your child and the events that occur


Please ensure that your child is completing homework and bringing it into school on the days it is due in. We appreciate all the hard work you do with your child at home.smiley


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