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Miss Harris

Welcome to Class 2!

Our teacher is Miss Harris.

Mrs Collingburn, Mrs Darlington, Miss Waite and Mrs Palfreyman will also be helping in our class this year.

Important Dates

Bank Holiday 1st May

2nd May - 25th May Staggered SATs for Class 2

INSET day 26th May and 5th June

Phonics test re-sits for some children in Class 2 12th-23rd June

Important Information
Your child will need their reading books and Read Write Inc. book in school every day.
PE kit will be required on a Wednesday (outdoor kit please).
Water bottle will be sent home every Friday in order for them to be cleaned and will need to be returned to school on a Monday morning. Please remember to return these as it is important that children have regular access to a drink.


This term our topic is...

Knights & Castles

We will be exploring the following questions:

How would you train your dragon?

What type of castle would you like to live in?

How would you keep the enemies away?

Who lived in a castle?



This is what we will be learning across the curriculum!


Every Monday we meet with our reading buddies.



Texts and Genres


Poetry, glossaries, newspaper report, letters and narrative


How to Train your Dragon

St George and the Dragon


Dragon Poems J Foster & K Paul

Paper Bag Princess

Knight who was afraid of the dark.

Again – E Gravett

Sir CharlieStinky socks and the Tale of 2 Treasures




Compound words



Adverbs and verbs

Subordination and co-ordination

Past tense

Commas to separate items in a list

Accurate spelling is a key part of the Key Stage 1 curriculum; therefore it is vital that the children practise and learn by heart any spellings and spelling rules that are sent home this year in their Read Write Inc. spelling books. 


We will be learning to join our handwriting.

Texts and Films to enjoy


Harry Potter,

How to Train Your Dragon,

Pete's Dragon

The Knight and the Dragon


George and the Dragon

Dragon Poetry




Reading scales and measures/capacity

Counting in 3’s and 4’s

Place Value

Addition & Subtraction

Symmetry – flags and coat of arms

Time – castle opening times

Money – castle shop

Fractions - recognising and finding ¼, ½, 1/3, 2/4, 3/ 4 of a shape, length or number

Time – telling the time to 15 minute intervals




What is a force?

King Arthur and the Stone

Drafty Castle windows

Measuring skills – Sir Roger’s rain water







St George and his significance nationally.

Timelines of changes in castles over time.

Finding famous castles on a map.

Looking at plans of real and imaginary castles.

Finding our who lived in a castle and their role.


Art/Craft and Design Technology


Art and Design DT

Paul Klee


Clay Dragon models

Castle models/ castle defences

Designing our own shields and finding out

about heraldry.

Developing cutting, sticking, joining,

folding and fastening skills.

Creating art using a wash technique and develop painting skills





The Fishermen and Mary & Martha

Introducing Zacchaeus

Respect – Jesus & Zacchaeus

Jesus Followers




Beebots and beebot maps.

Beebots on iPads

Using pic- collage app for different castles

Stop amination – Create a dragon or knight animation based on a class story.




Dragon unit KS2 Charanga

Castles Unit KS1 Charanga

Various songs on Sing Up! Pet’s dragon song, Puff the Magic Dragon

 Ukuleles with MT

Dragon music to accompany a story

Music to accompany creatice Knight story


5 R’s



With help from my teacher, review my own work and identify

 what I’ve done well.

With help I can suggest how to improve my work.

With help I review my own work and identify what I’ve done well.


I am beginning to change my behaviour to suit different roles

and situations.

I recognise feelings and behaviour of others.


I keep going with an activity for the pleasure it provides and

sometimes for a reward.

I recognise my achievements in some areas.


I answer relevant questions about why things happen and how

things work.

I have imaginative ideas.

Risk Taking

I’m prepared to put forward my ideas or answers in a small group.

I try to remain patient if solutions are not readily at hand.


Parents / Community


Trip To Leeds Royal Armouries

Role Play Castle

Sports Day

Local Area Week

Sports Week