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Late/absence procedures

We have a clear procedure for late arrivals to school. These procedures are to ensure security and safety for all pupils.


The school day begins promptly at 9am. All pupils should be in the classroom entering via their own classroom doors at 8.50am ready to begin lessons promptly when the bell rings at 9am. At 9.00am all classroom doors are locked. Any pupils arriving after this time MUST enter school via the main entrance. Any pupils arriving after 9.10am must also sign the late book and will receive a late mark on the register. 



Changes to the 2006 regulations, mean that from September 2013, head teachers are unable to authorise leave unless there are exceptional circumstances (e.g. bereavement). Where it is deemed that leave may be granted, the head teacher determines the number of days permitted.

As such, leave that has already been authorised will be honoured but, as this is statutory, no further holiday leave can be authorised from September 2013.

Head teachers have the right to issue penalty fines where parents fail to ensure the attendance of their child at school. Details of charges can be found on the link below. This would only be considered where strategies to support the attendance have not brought about improvement.

Due to the changes, our policy has been amended and approved by our Governors and can be found below.


Further advice and day to day information can also be sought by speaking to Mrs Rachel Allen, our Attendance Clerk, in the school office. All requests for term time holidays must be put in writing at least 2 weeks prior to the intended absence.

Further details can also be found by following the link below: