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Miss Birkinshaw and Mrs Dawson would like to say a huge thank you to all
the children and parents for such a fantastic year and for all our end of year
(& wedding!) cards and gifts - we are so overwhelmed!!


Our Topic this term is:


21.7.16 - What a fantastic wedding day
we had yesterday...

Wedding Party!


'Aharrrr mi hearties' what a fantastic
pirate fun day we have had!

am Pirate fun!

pm Pirate fun!

22.6.16 - Take a look at all our photographs from 
our fantastic Sports Day!

am Sports Day from Miss Birkinshaw on Vimeo.

am Sports Day

pm Sports Day

27.5.16 - A huge thank you to Mrs Dainty who brought us in some real seafood
for us to explore - we have had such a great 'fishy' day!!



20.5.16 This week we have been learning about 2D shapes - we have been remembering
a rhyme for each of them. Here they are so you can practice at home!



12.5.16 - Look what landed in our classroom this week!.....



29.4.16 - We had a great time in PE today - the morning children took part in a 'Ninja Tots' session and the afternoon children played some listening games and had a go at moving like different underwater animals....including crabs and starfish!

F1 Yorkshire Wildlife Park

22.4.16 - What a great time we had in PE today.
We had the apparatus out for the first time and the children were 'safety superstars'!
In the Foundation Stage we have 7 areas of learning.

Below you can read some of the things we are doing
this term in each of these areas:


Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Induct and settle new children
Weekly circle time sessions
Revisit class rules
Keeping safe in the sun and looking after ourselves
Healthy eating and exercise through the summer
Continue to listen to ideas of others and play alongside with kind hands and words
Show increased independence to carry out activities and take risks and tackle problems
Taking turns/sharing – role play
Making relationships- considering others 


Communication & Language

Puppet shows on the beach
Join in with storytelling and share ideas
Share ‘I am Unique’ book adventures confidently in front of others
Engage in speaking and listening ideas to describe story characters and events
Join in with songs and rhymes
Engage in role play with peers – acting out stories and creating their own
Think, pair, share – respond to open ended questions


Physical Development
Under the sea dance and movement sessions
Pirate ship warm up game – PE
Walk the plank activities for balance
Clever fingers sessions
Prepare for sports day
Construct with small and large equipment to create a variety of models
Engage in PE sessions moving with increased control and with respect for others personal space
Handle large and small apparatus with control.
Daily phonics sessions and weekly handwriting sessions
Dough disco



Re-tell simple stories and create new stories
Listen with increasing attention to stories songs and rhymes and join in
Use talk to connect ideas and join in with talk around stories
Story corners and role play areas
Acting out stories
Read and write CVC words
Hear and say the initial sounds in words and use to write
simple labels
Make marks and drawings of seaside objects / under the sea
Draw and paint under the sea animals and story characters

Patterns and symmetry – flags
Different size sandcastles
Measuring in new concoction corner
Encourage counting and sorting of shells and fish
Counting and finding numbered treasure
Counting rhymes and songs
Counting forwards and backwards in ones starting from different numbers
Identifying 1 more / 1 less
Identifying numerals to 20
Investigating with 90 e.g. counting in 10s (Queens birthday)
Introduce numerals relating to topic and around setting/ environment
Naming and describing the features of simple 2D shapes 

Expressive Arts and Design

Engage in role-play with others – beach shop / ice cream parlour / yellow submarine
Making puppets for a puppet show on the beach
Designing flags for sandcastles
Set up concoction corner
Designing and making potions for mermaids / pirates
Large seaside floor art
Painting with / on different materials
Collage sea creatures / shiny mosaic rainbow fish
Understanding the World

Investigate properties of wet and dry sand
Seaweed in water tray
Investigate changing materials /powders with a variety of liquids in concoction area
Creating and reading maps
Habitat of ocean animals
Seasonal changes - summer
Exploring new apps on class iPads
Real sea creatures
Seaside in the past

In our Foundation 1 class we have 2 key groups:
Picture 1
Picture 2
Miss Birkinshaw is key worker for the Butterflies     
Mrs Dawson is key worker for the Caterpillars

We also have 2 class pets in F1 – meet Nibbles and Truffles!
Picture 1 Nibbles
Picture 2 Truffles

We would love to see photos, pictures and objects from home that are special to your child...and remember to pop things in your child's 'I am Unique' book too. Keep an eye on the website which will give you more ideas of things you can do at home that relate to our topic at school.

Take a look at all the exciting things
we got up to in the Spring term....

1.4.16 - What a great way to finish our exciting term -
Mrs Thornton came in to sing with the foundation children
(including our absolute favourite Spring Chicken!)



24.3.16 - What an 'eggciting' Easter fun day we have had today - including Easter hats and chicks, hot cross buns, Easter egg hunt and disco!

am Easter fun day from Miss Birkinshaw on Vimeo.

am Easter fun day

pm Easter fun day

17.3.16 This week we have all been on a jungle adventure outside!
We had help from our Year 5 buddies to go and search for
lots of different jungle animals....

Jungle Adventures

16.3.16 What a fab turn out today at


8.3.16 - Mrs Waite has been working with us in the afternoons for the last few weeks and today was her last day - we made her a card and gave her some flowers to say thank you and goodbye.



7.3.16 -The morning F1 and Year 4 children had a great time today
making flower pom pom's together. The Year 4 children also spent
time in F1 reading stories and exploring the areas!

F1 Y4 Buddies!

3.3.16 - What a fantastic Mother's Day celebration and
World Book Day we had!

Mother's Day/ World Book Day

am Mother's Day messages

pm Mother's Day messages

2.3.16 - We have had a great day going on a 'jungle adventure'
with Alison from Caterpillar Music

Jungle Adventures

25.2.16 - What a fantastic morning we had outside watching the
fantastic 'Flying Scotsman' going past!

Flying Scotsman

23.2.16 - We have been getting ready for Mother's Day in F1 -
getting the Florist shop ready!



The Foundation children are really loving their new iPads. They have been
taking turns and working cooperatively on them - take a look....

5.1.16 - Today in PE we did some Chinese Dragon Dancing - 
we even made the music ourselves!

am Chinese Dragon Dancing

pm Chinese Dragon Dancing

Clever Fingers - 3rd February

29.1.16 - Today the children have loved playing in the new 'Chinese Restaurant' role play area that has been set up ready
to begin our 'Chinese New Year' theme next week.



14.1.16 - This morning we got so excited as it started to SNOW! We got outside as fast as we could!


13.1.16 - The afternoon children have loved learning the rhyme of the week this week and adapting the words! Have a listen to them below singing the original version....



13.1.16 - CLEVER FINGERS! Today Clever Fingers began in the mornings - what a great turn out we had too! 
Afternoon sessions will begin soon, keep an eye out for the flyer!



We have had a great 1st week back in Foundation.
We have particularly enjoyed being outside (and we didn't
let the weather spoil our fun!)

Take a look at what we got up to in
AUTUMN TERM 2015....

am Christmas Party

pm Christmas Party

Check out our school facebook page to see more of what we have been up to, click on the link below....



10.12.15 - Here are the photographs we took from the dress rehearsal and a few from concert day!

Foundation Concert 2015

9.12.15 - Here are all the staff ready for Christmas Concert day...complete with baby Ardren who came to watch!



3.12.15 - This week we have been to visit the book fair
in the library - our Year 5 buddies helped us
and read us our favourite stories

Book Fair Visit with Y5

24.11.15 - Take a look at the fantastic musical drawings we did today

20.11.15 - Today we had fantastic fun in PE with the dancing scarves



13.11.15 - We had a great time this morning sharing books and story
sacks with our Year 5 reading buddies

Reading buddies

5.11.15 - This week we have had so much fun learning about Bonfire Night.

Bonfire fun!

22.10.15    We said 'goodbye' to Mrs Ardron today! We can't wait to see her and the baby again soon!



21.10.15 - We had lots of fun with Pinxton Puppets

Pinxton Puppets am

Pinxton Puppets pm

13.10.15 pm - After reading 'The Little Red Hen' - Foundation 2 children made bread with Mrs Pickard. They shared it with the afternoon F1 children - it was so good!

Picture 1
Picture 2

12.10.15 pm - These girls in Year 2 kindly made us a story and came to read it at the end of the day.



12.10.15 am - We had lots of fun playing outside!



9.10.15 - On Friday's we do PE in F1. Please practice putting on and taking off shoes and socks with your child at home.



2.10.15 pm - Lots of children worked together to make a 'party house'



...and Mrs Thornton was sneaking a look over the fence!



30.9.15 - Today we had so much fun playing in the powder paint outside - we mixed all the red and yellow to make orange!

23.9.15 - This morning we found a hedgehog outside,
we were very excited!



18.9.15 - Have a listen to our rhyme of the week this week....



11.9.15 - We have had a fantastic first week in F1 - take a look at the photographs below....

Take a look at the photographs taken during our Parents as Partners sessions in the Summer 2015...

Parents as Partners sessions

PaPs Trip Summer 15