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This term our topic is;
Looking up!



Here is an outline of what we will be covering this term:

Week 1    Getting to know each other!
Week 2   When I look up who do I see?
Week 3     How do I grow?
Week 4/ 5  How tall is a Giant?
Week 6/7  Looking up at the trees what can you see?
Half term
 Week 1 Bang! pop! What can you hear, see and smell?
Week 2  What is in the night time sky?
Week 3  How can we get to the moon?
Week 4/5 How else can we travel up, up and away?   
Week 6  What is in the sky in Bethlehem?
Week 7  an you see santa in the sky?  

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Induction activities – getting to know classroom areas, resources and routines
Review class rules, sanctions and rewards
Weekly circle times
Taking turns/sharing – role play
Making relationships- considering others
Talking about friendships and family
Why I am special – confidence to speak in a familiar group
Being aware of own and others’ feelings
      Learning how to keep ourselves safe
      Building confidence to take risks and tackle new challenges
      Developing respect for own beliefs and cultures and those of other people

Communication and Language
 Talking about ourselves and our family
Learning and performing familiar songs and rhymes
Listening attentively and responding in small and large groups
Adopting roles in role-play
Observing and noticing changes around us in the environment- environmental walk
Answering and asking questions
      Taking turns in conversations
Using our key vocabulary
Learn and perform a simple story (Jack and the Beanstalk)

 Physical Development
 Look after ourselves/being healthy
Gross physical activities taking place on a daily basis outside and during PE sessions
Daily handwriting/phonics sessions – letter formation, dough disco
’Clever Fingers’ sessions for parents to encourage fine motor development (Autumn 2)*
Fun fit and exercise indoors and outdoors
Making circuits and obstacle courses / rockets in outdoor construction area
Topic based dance and movement sessions (growing, giant footsteps, travelling to the moon)

Measurement activities – comparing length, height and weight of objects related to topic
Engage in counting activities during start of session routines
Counting forwards and backwards from different numbers/ number recognition
One more one less numbers to 10/20
Introduce numerals relating to topic and around setting/ environment
Simple addition/subtraction adding one more / taking away one
Recognising and naming 2D/ 3D shapes/ making pictures and patterns / models – rockets
Sequencing activities / reading ‘o’ clock
Days of the week/ months of the year

 Daily phonics/ using letters and sounds to read & spell simple words
Beginning to read and write simple sentences related to topic/ focus texts
Writing labels / lists for a visit to the moon
Sequencing and re- telling  Jack and The Beanstalk
Identification of rhyming words  ( The Smartest Giant)
Learning and performing songs and rhymes
Drawing and labelling simple story maps

 Expressive Arts and Design
Family portraits
Role play – home/giants home, whatever next, hot air balloon
Moon collages
Firework marble pictures
Sky paintings
Autumn leaf prints
Colour mixing
Creating a beanstalk from leaf collages
Rocket models – construction
Festive art activities

 Understanding the World
 Talking about our families and why they are special
Awareness of our community and traditions
Exploring the environment and the seasonal changes/Autumn and Winter
Awareness of celebrations and the different ways people celebrate ( Harvest/ Sukkot , Diwali & Christmas)
Different ways of travelling up and away
      Beginning to understand what is in the sky
Understanding how and why we celebrate Christmas
Taking pictures of sky using cameras/iPads and editing photos
Using whiteboards/laptops/iPads/cameras correctly

Key Vocabulary
Tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest, family, enormous, gigantic, huge, giant, Autumn, season, harvest, celebration, whizz, pop, bang, explode, colourful, sparkly, shiny, moon, stars, Earth, moonlight, dark, light, daytime, night-time, travel, aeroplane, hot air balloon, parachute, rocket, Christmas, Jesus, Bethlehem, star, stable

Oxford Reading Tree books/stories
The Family Book
Big Book of Families
Jack and the Beanstalk
The Smartest Giant in Town
The Giant’s Loo Roll
Autumn Poems
Day Monkey Night Monkey
Whatever Next
How to Catch a Star
Roaring Rockets
Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon
Up Up Up!
Amazing Aeroplanes
Eugene the Plane Spotter
My First Christmas Story
Owl Babies
21.7.16 - We had a fantastic Wedding Day celebration! All the best to Miss Birkinshaw who is getting married this Summer! 

Wedding Party!


14.7.16 Pirate Day!!

8.7.16 Transition Week!! 

Our Classroom Rules

1.    We listen to each other
2.    We share and take turns
3.    We always try our best
4.    We have kind hands
5.    We use kind words
6.    We put our hand up and do not shout out
7.    We always tell the truth
8.    We look after our things
9.    We help to tidy away
10.We are all friends together

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Ordering numbers


Find the number on the hundred square



Please  read regularly with your child and enjoy sharing books and stories


Picture 1
Picture 2

The children will have a weekly guided reading session and bring their book home to share with you.
They will also bring home a self chosen book from our 'ERIC' ( Everyone Reading In Class) box.
Please sign in their reading diaries each time you have read together. Thank you!!

The children have a simple maths challenge to complete each week related to our weekly Numeracy focus. Please return the 'challenge book' every Thursday ready for a new maths challenge on a Friday!
Each child also has a unique login for Mathletics, where they can play maths games to earn credits and certificates. 
Here is the web address...


A great start back to the term....